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Sale: “Reconstructed” Ferrari 250 GT California Spider - 1962

Sale: “Reconstructed” Ferrari 250 GT California Spider - 1962


Year 1962

4'400 km

price: 1'150'000 EUR (CHF price just indicative)


This Ferrari was originally delivered new in Italy in 1962 as a Ferrari GTE with chassis number 3189 and motor number 3189 model 128F.

Then it was bought by a prominent Ferrari collector who was also an official dealer for Ferrari, Mr Schoen.

The exquisite lines of this beautiful all aluminium body was commissioned in the eighties and completed by the renowned Ferrari coachbuilder Mario Allegretti of Modena.

Allegretti and Drogo were two of the five six plate-beater body builders to whom Ferrari entrusted the construction of its bodies when internal industrial production had not yet begun.
These panel beaters had the skeletons (shapes) with which the car bodies were modeled.
They are part of the myth of the Modena coachbuilders. The creation of the University of Modena coachbuilders is being studied.
Nothing to do with the bodies made by others throughout the world.
The perfection and refinement of the lines makes their carrozzerie/chassis unique and not comparable with any other.

Mr Mario Allegretto completed the craftsmanship to the highest of standards and built to the exact specification of an original Ferrari California Spider 250 GT. The paintwork was completed by Egidio Bonfatti of Modena and the trim was executed by Fratelli Luppi, both Ferrari Specialists.

Ferrari Engine 2953 cc, 128 F type, 12 valve SOHC V12, power 240 bhp, top speed 252 kmh, wheel base 2400 mm, length 4318 mm, width 1600 mm, height 1270 mm, weight 957 kg.

  • Year: 1962

  • Price: EUR 1'207'000 (CHF price is indicative)


  • Allegretti version

  • Milage: 4'400 km

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